• Question: Did you always want to be a scientist?

    Asked by EmmaR to Sarah-Beth, Rachel, Kellie, Eoin, Ellen, Criodán, Charlene, Aoife, Alannah on 16 Dec 2020.
    • Photo: Eoin Gillespie

      Eoin Gillespie answered on 16 Dec 2020:

      I remember really wanting to be a pilot when I was younger, because I wanted to travel the world. I also remember really wanting to work with animals and study their behaviours. Therefore, in a way I did want to be a scientist, as a zoologist is a type of scientist who studies animals, but I didn’t actually know what a zoologist was when I was younger. However, zoology is not the field I am now conducting my research in.

    • Photo: Rachel Allen

      Rachel Allen answered on 16 Dec 2020:

      No! I didn’t know what I wanted to be until I was 18. But when I was in primary school I always thought being a detective or a teacher sounded like fun.

    • Photo: Charlene Rodriguez

      Charlene Rodriguez answered on 17 Dec 2020:

      When I was younger I was really interested in the world around me, especially nature and how things grow. So in a way my curiosity at a young age inspired me to study science in university.

    • Photo: Alannah McDonnell

      Alannah McDonnell answered on 22 Dec 2020:

      I used to want to be a chef or an artist or a writer or a postman! But I finally decided to try and become a doctor when I was 17!