• Question: Why did u want to be a scientist

    Asked by CiaraS on 16 Dec 2020.
    • Photo: Rachel Allen

      Rachel Allen answered on 16 Dec 2020:

      I wanted to be a scientist at first because I liked biology and learning how the body worked. But, when I started learning about microbes which are tiny living things we can only see with microscopes I knew I liked that the best. Bacteria that cause infections are the most interesting to me and, I work on coming up with new ways we can treat infections to help the people who get sick. Thats my favourite part about being a scientist and hopefully my research will eventually help people.

    • Photo: Charlene Rodriguez

      Charlene Rodriguez answered on 17 Dec 2020:

      I wanted to be a scientist because I liked learning how different scientists can come up with different treatments for infections and diseases. My mother is a nurse so I would learn facts about how the human body works from her. I was inspired by her to start reading more about how the body and how microbes work together inside it. Microbes are tiny living things that can’t be seen under the naked eye

    • Photo: Alannah McDonnell

      Alannah McDonnell answered on 22 Dec 2020:

      I wanted to be a scientist so I could help people, and I love that I’m able to do this by figuring stuff out, I especially like the work that I do when I’m not just trying to learn random facts, but when I’m trying to find a solution!