• Question: you say you teach computers to read books,diary's and letters to help historians but are you working with a group or are you solo?

    Asked by Blakedunne to Gary on 9 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Gary Munnelly

      Gary Munnelly answered on 9 Nov 2018:

      On the tech side I’m working more or less solo for now. I’m the only person in the computer science lab doing direct research into this problem. But I collaborate with historians in our arts department who sometimes want to use my research. I also have a supervisor who monitors my research and generally tries to guide and advise me on how I should continue.

      I also publish a lot of my work, as do other people around the world who have similar interests. I try to email those people if I think their work is interesting and they are almost always happy to have a chat on Skype. It’s really important to be able to do that as a scientist. You have to network and talk to people in your area as much as possible.

      There has been a developing interest in what I do over the last couple of years and it may become a part of an upcoming project that my supervisor is running called Beyond 2022 (check it out). That might involve me getting to work with a few more computer scientists on this research, which I would love to do.