• Question: Do you think you will discover the cure for cancer?

    Asked by Trinityk05 to NULL, Irene on 8 Nov 2015. This question was also asked by Lewistg123.
    • Photo: NULL

      NULL answered on 8 Nov 2015:

      No way! I’m not researching that. But I work with some people that are looking to find out what causes cancer, or whether they can make a test for cancer that works before it gets really serious.

      They’ve asked me how to design an experiment – I tell them how many patients they should take blood from, and I tell them how to do some calculations. But even if they find something important, I wouldn’t get the credit for that!

    • Photo: Irene Regan

      Irene Regan answered on 10 Nov 2015:

      I might not find the cure but maybe I might find a way to make it easier to treat or test for cancer, wouldn’t that be cool?