• Question: what do you think could help to stop endangering animals ?

    Asked by connor to Colin, Kevin, Shikha, Triona on 19 Nov 2014.
    • Photo: Kevin Motherway

      Kevin Motherway answered on 19 Nov 2014:

      Simple. Preserve habitats and leave them alone! Development and intensive agriculture constantly eats into habitats and essentially make species homeless so its inevitable they go extinct. Designating parks and habitats for protection is really important to preserve biodiversity. Turf cutting is a good example in that people have harvested turf for generations, but it a limited habitat. Whats the right way forward? Not an easy thing to solve.

    • Photo: Shikha Sharma

      Shikha Sharma answered on 19 Nov 2014:

      Hi Connor,

      We should buy recycled paper, sustainable products like bamboo and Forest Stewardship Council wood products to protect forest species. We should not support the market in illegal wildlife including: tortoise-shell, ivory, coral by buying products from them. We should try to protect their habitat. Avoid use of herbicides and pesticides as they take years to degrade and thus enters into food chains. They are one of the main hazardous pollutants that affect wildlife at many levels. Support national wildlife refuge, park or other places so that they can support more animals. We should learn more about the wonderful wildlife, birds, fish and plants that live near us and how important they are.