About the Farming Zone

This event has now ended

Biodiversity is increasingly prominent in conversations about farming. The I’m a Scientist Farming Zone this November focuses on biodiversity research and policy. A team of scientists and policy experts will be answering questions and taking part in online live chats with the Irish farming community to hear their ideas and concerns. This aims to spark a dialogue that will hopefully contribute to a longer-term conversation between experts and farmers.

What evidence is there for insecticides such as neonicotinoids killing bees? How can farms prevent floods downstream? What difference does the CAP Pillar 2 policy on biodiversity really make to environment? What is the case for organic farming and is it sustainable at scale?

Cutting edge research and policy can sometimes seem distant and removed from the realities of farming, but over time their impact is very real. The event ran between the 14th and 25th November 2016, where the public were able to ask questions to the experts, allowing both parties share their knowledge and experience with each other and other participants.