• Question: Can we say that all the non natural compounds are dangerous for the health?

    Asked by Zozo to Andrew, Dilip, Emma, John, Ruth on 17 Nov 2015.
    • Photo: Ruth Hamill

      Ruth Hamill answered on 17 Nov 2015:

      I would say no ,that would be too much of a generalisation. Just as saying that all natural compounds are good for the health, e.g. arsenic!

    • Photo: John Gleeson

      John Gleeson answered on 17 Nov 2015:

      Oh gosh no! Some of the most natural things are deadly like bacteria and viruses. And some synthetic lab made compounds are really good for you (like pretty much all the vitamin C you take is made in factories).

    • Photo: Andrew Quigley

      Andrew Quigley answered on 17 Nov 2015:

      There are also some mushrooms which contain deadly natural compounds. The appropriately named Death Cap and Destroying Angel mushrooms have compounds called amatoxins in them. If you’re unlucky enough to eat enough of those mushrooms, it can only take from between 6 and 24 hours for the symptoms to start showing. Amatoxin poison symptoms start with vomiting and diarrhoea and can lead to liver and kidney failure.

      So make sure you know which are safe mushrooms if you’re ever out picking them! 🙂