• Question: Do you believe in Planet X

    Asked by peter296 to Ollie on 30 Apr 2020.
    • Photo: Ollie Otter

      Ollie Otter answered on 30 Apr 2020:

      Hi Peter,

      An interesting question! First of all, believing is for religion, whichever one you prefer.

      As a scientist though, for all other matters I prefer some proof and concrete evidence before I ‘believe’ any remark or statement…

      Do I think it’s possible there is a large undiscovered planet in our solar system?

      I would say it’s unlikely. With all the amazing astronomical instruments we have these days it would have been discovered by now. We have already managed to discover thousands of planets around other, very distant stars. It would be a bit embarrassing if we weren’t able to discover one close to home, wouldn’t you say??

      By the way, we live in a free country and you are free to believe whatever you want!
      You should never let anyone tell you what you must think or believe, but make up your own mind about things. That’s what science is all about: questioning things and being critical. It’s a good way to treat life in general.
      Hmmm, I must sound awfully boring, but that’s my advice to you anyway 😉