• Question: What inspired you to be a scientist?

    Asked by LaurenK on 7 Dec 2021.
    • Photo: Pawel Rulikowski

      Pawel Rulikowski answered on 16 Nov 2021:

      I think just curiosity to know more and understand more, somewhat deeper than what you can learn at school. I was always fascinated by technology and science. I was growing up in 1980s in Poland. In 80s world was quite a different place, we still had cold war, there was no internet in the sense as you know it today. The most advanced piece of electronics that average family had at home was a TV set (and really it is quite advanced piece of electronics). I was always curious how it happens that it works, how no moving parts make things work. I was always fascinated by books although I was not reading excessively as a child, I remember book about depths of oceans and submersibles.
      I think scientist are primarily driven by curiosity and caffeine! 😉

    • Photo: Sam Seymour

      Sam Seymour answered on 16 Nov 2021:

      Serious answer – When I was growing up, a friend of the family was (and still is) a microbiologist and I got to work in his lab when I was around 14-15. It really became clear then that I loved that type of work. I then did a lab-based Biochem course in Transition Year (UCC still runs it, I would recommend!) and after that I was fully sure I wanted to do science.

      Real answer – Watching “Osmosis Jones” when I was about 5 or 6 and seeing all the types of lifeforms living in the human body made me want to learn more about them!

    • Photo: Cyrille Thinnes

      Cyrille Thinnes answered on 17 Nov 2021:

      Hi Lauren, overall it was my constant curiosity and awe for nature in general. Then my pathway was inspired by different events along that way. I had a couple of very inspiring teachers at school that made me want to learn more. I also participated in different science events during my school time, like I had the opportunity to do a ‘mini chemistry workshop’ for a week in Germany, where we were able to experience chemistry student life for a week. Probably a key decision was to study chemistry in college, which sets you up for the ‘real deal’ in becoming a scientist, as you work with senior scientists and are immersed into the world of research. So far, I was lucky to be surrounded by very supportive and inspiring people throughout leading me to do what I do now.

    • Photo: Gaël Lymer

      Gaël Lymer answered on 17 Nov 2021:

      Bonjour 🙂
      I realised that being a scientist as a job could help me combining several of my personal passions that I would then do for my job 🙂
      I was interested to be outdoor, to travel, to watch and understand the nature, the Earth and the landscapes around me (I wanted to be able to know how they formed, now I know 🙂 ).
      My grand dad also communicated me his passion for the sea and ships, and I had a teacher in secondary school who inspired me by sharing her passion for geology.
      All together this is what inspired me to become a scientist.

      If you want a tip choosing your career path: Think about what you like to do, and speak with people to see if a job fits with your passions 🙂