• Question: why did you decide to do medicine after zoolology?

    Asked by claraL to Dave on 8 Nov 2021.
    • Photo: Dave Healy

      Dave Healy answered on 8 Nov 2021:

      I always wanted to do something medical. When I was a small kid I had always wanted to be a vet. and as I went on through secondary school I decided that I would like to do Medicine instead. Unfortunately, someone gave me some bad advice when I was in 5th year and I let that influence my decision about pursuing Medicine. My Dad was a scientist and had done Zoology in college, and had really passed on a love of nature to me. So for me studying Zoology was a great fit!
      I have to say I really enjoyed it! It was a fantastic experience and loads and loads of fun. At one point in that course I was searching for Nudibranchs (colourful sea slugs) on a beach in Portugal!

      But unfortunately, jobs in Zoology are few and far between. I was qualified right around the time the economic recession hit in 2007/2008 and there wasn’t much money around to fund zoology research or conservation. So I decided that maybe pursuing a career in Medicine would provide a bit more job security. I had a good science background already so that was very helpful both in getting in to the course and also some of the material I needed to know for medicine itself.

      Hope that answers your question!