• Question: what would happen if aliens invaded

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      Asked by Aoife to Matthew, Louise, Conor, Brian, Aoife on 14 Nov 2016.
      • Photo: Louise Mc Grath

        Louise Mc Grath answered on 14 Nov 2016:

        Hi dillls!

        Well I would go kick their butts! 😉
        No I highly doubt I would… Being a scientist I would like to observe and study them. It would be good to get to know them and see if we could understand their culture and whatnot. I am sure they would have amazing stories and information..

        If they weren’t friendly then I guess I would run and hide in my lab and see if I can build something useful to defend against them!

        Based on movies though aliens only ever attack America so I think we should be safe!

        I hope this answers your question!

      • Photo: Matthew Kitching

        Matthew Kitching answered on 15 Nov 2016:

        Hi Dills

        I hope if aliens arrived that they would be friendly – but if they invaded, I think we’d be in pretty big trouble!

        So if an alien has made it too earth – they are probably gonna be able to design spacecraft that are way better than ours – (ours can’t fly very fast so it would take several lifetimes to reach the closest stars to us to even see if life was there) – so if they can build kick ass space craft – they can probably build awesome weapons too – i don’t think we’d do well in a fight against them.

        On a possible plus chance for our survival – have you ever read the book “War of the worlds” by H. G. Wells, – it was one of my favourites when i was growing up – (its also a film now) – i don’t want to spoil the ending – but in that the aliens have incredibly superiors weapons – but they get defeated by simple science!

        Hope that answers your question – let me know if you want to know more 🙂