• Question: why is five night at feddy,s 1,2,3,4,5 is so scary

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      Asked by 224newg36 to Matthew, Louise, Conor, Brian, Aoife on 15 Nov 2016.
      • Photo: Louise Mc Grath

        Louise Mc Grath answered on 15 Nov 2016:

        Hi 22newg36,

        Well I really liked Five Nights at Freddys 1, I didn’t think it was that scary but 2,3,4 and 5 are very very scary! I think it’s because the animatronics can move quicker and the lights and doors stop working quickly.. I can’t figure out the vents or the wind up music!
        They scare me but I love playing them anyway! Do you play them?

      • Photo: Matthew Kitching

        Matthew Kitching answered on 15 Nov 2016:

        Hi 224newg36!

        Five nights is pretty scary!

        I think the reason its so scary is because of two things: 1) you can’t see everything all at once (you don’t know where the monsters are, and you can’t see everywhere all at once) 2) you don’t have full control over the situation (you can’t just shut the doors – you’ll use up all your energy).

        I think not having all the information and not having full control means your imagination starts to go haywire – which puts you on edge and make it scary. Combining this with the difference between relatively little happening -then a sudden burst when the monster jump through the door!

        The game reminds me of an episode of doctor who called Blink? have you ever seen it? in the episode, the Weeping Angels (the monsters) can move and attack you so long as you’re looking directly at them – however ever time you blink, they can rush forward a couple of steps…..

        anyways that just my opinion – why do you think its so scary?

      • Photo: Aoife Lucid

        Aoife Lucid answered on 16 Nov 2016:

        I find it scary because I’m a really, really jumpy person and quite easy to scare anyway!