• Question: do you beleive that 3d printers would make life alot easier?

    Asked by KaRAbo to Triona, Simone, Kieran, Julia, Hugh, Emily on 15 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Hugh Manning

      Hugh Manning answered on 15 Nov 2018:

      Yes, 3D printing lets you make things in much more complicated shapes than you could with other methods, and really customize them to do a specific task, or for a specific person.
      One example I really like is 3D printing the belt buckles on airplanes, this means you can make them lighter and on an 800 seat plane the weight savings really add up! Over the lifetime of the plane, just by changing this one part you can save millions of liters of fuel! There are loads of other parts on an airplane that you can make massive weight savings by 3D printing!
      We’ll also be able to 3D print things for the body, like customized hip or knee implants so that they fit better and decrease recovery time, we’ll also be able to get 3D printed dental implants, 3D printed frames for glasses so they fit your face perfectly there’s loads of applications that 3D printing is going to change and make life better!