• Question: How much this cost to buy and will they be cheaper than usual capos?

    Asked by f18skeat to Guitar Capo, Anthony on 13 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Anthony Newell

      Anthony Newell answered on 13 Nov 2019: last edited 13 Nov 2019 6:34 pm

      There is currently no price set for this part as it hasn’t been made for market yet and is just in the research stage. 3D printing of metal parts can be quite expensive though but this price is falling every day as the technology is improved.

      The design is more sustainable because it uses less metal than previous metal capos for the same application. We are trying to take advantage of the unique opportunities that 3D printing has for new designs and how this idea can be applied for everyday objects which will be more sustainable.

      Currently, 3D printing is used for parts which require a lot of customisation and specialist applications. The best example of this is hearing aids which are best 3D printed because each of our ears are shaped differently.

      Maybe when ideas like this are commercialised for everyday use you’ll have more 3D printed products at home!

    • Photo: Guitar Capo

      Guitar Capo answered on 13 Nov 2019: last edited 13 Nov 2019 6:38 pm

      That’s a great question!

      Since these capos would use less material, you would expect them to be cheaper than ordinary capos, but this may not be the case.
      3D printing is still a quite new technology, so the cost of machines is still quite high.
      3D printing is also still a lot slower than other, older manufacturing techniques.

      These factors obviously drive up the cost of all 3D printed products, meaning they are generally more expensive than products produced another way.
      One of the exciting things about 3D printing though, is that it is such a fast moving technology!
      Printers have been falling in cost, getting faster and getting more accurate, really fast over the last few years.
      So who knows how good they will be a few years from now!