• Question: The 3D painting idea sounds great, but as someone with good sight and below-average (IMO) touch it is difficult to conceive how it works for sight-impaired people. Is the resolution of 3D printers and the 'touch resolution' of people well-matched? How small can you print and we feel?

    Asked by Anon to Ronan McCann, 3D-Painting on 14 Nov 2019.
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      3D Painting answered on 14 Nov 2019: last edited 14 Nov 2019 5:28 am

      In terms of available technology, right now there are 3D printers available with resolutions down to around 1 micron! This is far beyond what we need. Depending on the details in paintings that we want to 3D Paint, the layer height can vary and we can include more features and details of the original painting in the 3D Painted product. Of course we have no idea how visually impaired people imagine the painting after they touch the 3D Painted version but getting feedback from them can greatly contribute to our understanding of their feeling hence improving our idea. To start with the idea, a rough estimation would be around 1 mm resolution to begin with and they can feel and imagine.