• Question: If you won the lotto what would you do with the money ?

    Asked by @Shannon on 14 May 2020.
    • Photo: Simon Spichak

      Simon Spichak answered on 14 May 2020:

      Hi Shannon! If I won the lotto, I would love to donate the money to provide education and training in different countries with the goal of alleviating poverty. It’s a lovely question and something I’ve often thought about (even though I don’t play the lotto). What would you do Shannon?

    • Photo: Dimitar Shterionov

      Dimitar Shterionov answered on 14 May 2020:

      If I’d win the lotto, I would invest it in PhD scholarships in my home country Bulgaria. There the funding for PhD students/candidates is very low, but there are quite some talented people.

    • Photo: Karen Bacon

      Karen Bacon answered on 14 May 2020:

      Ooh I think I would buy a house, look after family and then use the rest to fund science – kit out my lab and look at scholarships for students, fund education that sort of thing. I don’t think I’ll ever win the lotto though as I never buy a ticket 🙂

    • Photo: Jennifer Cookman

      Jennifer Cookman answered on 14 May 2020:

      I’d donate a good chunk to charity for mental health awareness and animal rescue. But then I’d probably buy a nice car and pay off the mortgage, all those little real life adult things, yuck!

    • Photo: Aruna Chandrasekar

      Aruna Chandrasekar answered on 14 May 2020:

      I have always wanted to start my own school. So I would probably start school with money. Or I would start a scholarship fund for underprivileged kids from around the world to get some financial support for higher education.

    • Photo: Aisling Ryan

      Aisling Ryan answered on 14 May 2020:

      This is a tough question! I would firstly pay off my parents’ mortgage and buy them a few presents. I’d also give some money to my friends and family. I would of save some of the money so that I could afford things like a house etc. for myself and have a secure future without the stress of finances. Then I would donate the rest to charities. I would donate a larger proportion to the Irish Cancer Society and Pieta House, then I would donate smaller amounts to a wider range of charities 🙂 Of course, I will need to start playing the lotto in order for this to become even a small possibility!
      What would you do with the money?

    • Photo: Jun Lin

      Jun Lin answered on 16 May 2020:

      I would buy a house for my family and make sure they will live a life without having to worry about finance. The rest of the money could be used for charity.

    • Photo: Fiona Malone

      Fiona Malone answered on 21 May 2020:

      I would support my family and friends and then travel back to Indonesia to help out their STEM programs there. I was in Indonesia in January and girls and women have difficulty accessing STEM education so I’d like to help out