Learning Outcomes

Taking part in I’m a Scientist gives students the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge across the curriculum for students aged 10-18.

Students can meet these Learning Outcomes by engaging with the activity through:

  • Reading scientists profiles and preparing questions for them
  • Taking part in a live Chat
  • Asking follow up questions
  • Making an informed voting decision

Studies show that engaging with the activity over multiple interventions is shown to increase students’ aspirations, as well as increase the chance of them meeting multiple outcomes at a deeper level.

By the end of this activity, students will be able to do one or more of these outcomes:

Show research skills in reading scientist profiles to construct questions which involve higher order thinking
Recall new scientific content relevant to their current school topics
Name at least two STEM related careers
Engage in conversations with scientists in an appropriate manner
Use the internet safely by demonstrating appropriate behaviour
Use critical thinking to make an informed voting decision