• Question: is your job hard to do

    Asked by charlie on 29 Nov 2021.
    • Photo: Cyrille Thinnes

      Cyrille Thinnes answered on 29 Nov 2021:

      I have a lot of practice, so no.

    • Photo: Justine Mathoux

      Justine Mathoux answered on 1 Dec 2021:

      Yes and no. It depends of the experiment or what you have to write (Scientific paper, grant,…). It may be hard but it is nice to have a little challenge sometime 🙂

    • Photo: Danielle Nader

      Danielle Nader answered on 1 Dec 2021:

      Not necessarily ”hard”, you just have to love what you are doing and be ready to put in a lot of work. It is very rewarding though, and the more practice you have, you will become more confident in your abilities so it will no longer be considered hard. At the start of every job, it may seem challenging, but if you are motivated to learn new skills, then it will not be hard!