Taking part benefits you and your students

Benefits for your class

Science becomes more relatable

By taking part in I’m a Scientist students can:

Read case studies from teachers who have taken part

Supporting students’ science capital

Science capital is a measure of a person’s personal relationship with science; how much they see the subject as ‘for them’. More about science capital.

I’m a Scientist supports the science capital teaching approach:

  • Students become more aware of the diversity of, nature of, and routes into STEM jobs.
  • We challenge the misconceptions that a job in science is all-consuming and based in a lab.
  • More about how I’m a Scientist boosts students’ science capital


Students discover new careers

Every student is equal

  • Text-based live Chats mean that all students have an equal chance of being answered:
    • It helps [to see] students in a different light. Some who are normally very quiet in school became very active in the chat.” – Teacher, May 2020
  • Students gain confidence through asking questions.
    More about the advantages of text-based interactions

Accessible to every school

Benefits for teachers

It’s backed by research:

  • I’m a Scientist supports the Science Capital Teaching Approach.
  • Taking part supports students’ Science Capital.
  • It’s secure, safe and you’re in control: Only students who’ve been given access by their teacher can login to the Zone.
  • No personal details are shared on the site, and student content is moderated. Read our safeguarding statement ❯
  • You get to see which students have logged in and what questions they’ve asked.
  • You can download transcripts of live chat sessions.

Everything’s designed for easy, online access:

  • Signing up is quick and easy
  • Students can log in at any time to read scientists’ profiles and send questions in ASK.
  • Students create their own username using a link you create. This will take them around 10 minutes; send it to them the day before your chat, or earlier.
  • You book chats for times that suit you and your students.
  • Watch the video guides to see what its like to take part.

It’s free for state maintained schools:

  • Thanks to our funders, most schools don’t have to pay.
  • Non-state-maintained schools may be asked to pay a fee to take part.
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Teachers: Register to take part ❯

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