• Question: what college did u study science in

    Asked by cast50tag on 8 Nov 2021.
    • Photo: Avion Phillips

      Avion Phillips answered on 8 Nov 2021:

      I studied Biology and Environmental Natural Resource Management at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago.

      I studied Environmental Mnagement at Universitat Hohenheim in Stuttgart.
      I studied Soil Science at University of Natural Resources in Vienna.

    • Photo: Kate Keogh

      Kate Keogh answered on 8 Nov 2021:

      I studied Natural Science in Trinity, which involved doing different subjects (chemistry, biology and maths) for the first two years and then specializing in one discipline for the remaining two years. The Science degree in Trinity has since changed to difference courses including biological sciences, earth sciences with are now taught throughout the 4 years of the degree instead of the final two ‘specialised’ years

    • Photo: Henry Darch

      Henry Darch answered on 8 Nov 2021:

      I studied Biological Sciences at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland), and then did some more at the University of Bristol (England).

    • Photo: Sam Seymour

      Sam Seymour answered on 8 Nov 2021:

      I studied Microbiology at Trinity College Dublin. The first two years were just “Science” (as Kate said below) before I specialised for the remaining two years. It’s a really versatile course that I would strongly recommend, as myself and my classmates have since wound up in a wide range of careers e.g. clinical work, pharma, science journalism and academia.

      For my Masters degree, I studied Biotechnology at University College Cork. Great course that involved a six-month work placement with a pharmaceutical company.

    • Photo: Maria Giovanna Caruso

      Maria Giovanna Caruso answered on 8 Nov 2021:

      I studied Biology as an undergraduate at University of Catania and my Master in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Neuroscience at University of Turin, both in Italy.

    • Photo: Dave Healy

      Dave Healy answered on 8 Nov 2021:

      I’m a bit of a homebird. I studied Zoology at University College Cork and then studied Medicine at University College Cork. I swear I’ll leave the nest eventually!

    • Photo: Niamh Callinan Keenan

      Niamh Callinan Keenan answered on 8 Nov 2021:

      I studied Natural Science in Trinity College Dublin and then chose Molecular Medicine for my specialization. What that means is that I studied biology, chemistry, maths, and physics in first year, biology and chemistry in second year, and then spent the last two years on molecular medicine. In Molecular Medicine, we learned a lot about how cells work, how different diseases work and how we can find new cures and treatments for those diseases. As others have said, the course has changed a bit now but you can still study Molecular Medicine.

    • Photo: Andrew McGovern

      Andrew McGovern answered on 8 Nov 2021:

      Neuroscience in UCC. I wanted to study something I didn’t understand in college and I got what I wanted. Neuroscience is as complex and misunderstood as the universe. I love it!

    • Photo: Gaël Lymer

      Gaël Lymer answered on 9 Nov 2021:

      I studied Geology at the University of Lille (France). I stayed in the same university during my whole studies but I travelled a lot to visit other teams and laboratories of France during my PhD: Paris, Perpignan, Nice, Montpellier…

    • Photo: Danielle Nader

      Danielle Nader answered on 9 Nov 2021:

      I studied Biology at the Lebanese American University for 4 years. I moved to Aberdeen, Scotland to do my Masters in Microbiology for 1 year. I now live in Dublin where I am doing my PhD in Microbiology at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI).

    • Photo: Ciara Feely

      Ciara Feely answered on 9 Nov 2021:

      University College Dublin

    • Photo: anon

      anon answered on 9 Nov 2021:

      I studied Science at Trinity.
      The course is now called ‘Chemical Sciences’ but when I entered it was called General Science and I did many courses from Chemistry to Geology to Animal Behaviour to Microbiology for the first two years.

      From these two years, Chemistry stood out to me as the most interesting subject and from third year I specialised in Chemistry.

    • Photo: Reabetswe Zwane

      Reabetswe Zwane answered on 9 Nov 2021:

      I studied chemistry and physics at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

    • Photo: Georgiana Ifrim

      Georgiana Ifrim answered on 9 Nov 2021:

      I studied Computer Science for BSc at University of Bucharest, Romania. I then studies Computer Science and Machine Learning for MSc and PhD at Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany.

    • Photo: Cyrille Thinnes

      Cyrille Thinnes answered on 11 Nov 2021:

      I studied at the University of Oxford in the UK.

    • Photo: Justine Mathoux

      Justine Mathoux answered on 12 Nov 2021:

      I studied Molecular and Cellular biology, Biochemistry and Physiology during my Bachelors and Neurosciences during my Masters at the University of Rouen Normandy in France. Now, I am studying at RCSI.