• Question: whats your favourite part of your job?

    Asked by JeanM on 7 Dec 2021. This question was also asked by adammc.
    • Photo: Avion Phillips

      Avion Phillips answered on 8 Nov 2021:

      My favourite part is brainstorming ideas with other scientists all over Europe.

    • Photo: Kate Keogh

      Kate Keogh answered on 8 Nov 2021:

      my favourite part is that every day can be different, changing between labwork and office work, presenting our results at conferences (both in Ireland and abroad) and that i am constantly learning new things

    • Photo: Henry Darch

      Henry Darch answered on 8 Nov 2021: last edited 8 Nov 2021 4:18 pm

      I think I have 2 favourite parts.

      Firstly I really enjoy building the bits of equipment that I need to complete my experiment, because it gives me a real sense of accomplishment that I can see and feel.

      The other part of my job that I like is when I get to record the live brain activity (and play the sound through speakers). This means that I get to listen to brain cells that no one has ever heard before (and probably ever will). In some ways, I think that it’s as close to being telepathic as I can ever be, because I am sort of listening to the sound of a thought. It’s also very special, because you have to be trained and given a special licence to do the sort of experiments that I do, so only a small number of people in the world get to experience it!

    • Photo: Niamh Callinan Keenan

      Niamh Callinan Keenan answered on 8 Nov 2021:

      My favourite part of my job is talking to other people around the world about my favourite subjects and learning loads of new things from them.

    • Photo: Gaël Lymer

      Gaël Lymer answered on 9 Nov 2021:

      Bonjour 🙂
      I particularly love my job when I need to organise and prepare a long trip overseas to embark on a scientific ship and go at sea for my research.

    • Photo: Ciara Feely

      Ciara Feely answered on 9 Nov 2021:

      I love how flexible my job is. Because I work as a computer scientist, all of my work is on my laptop so I can work from anywhere in the world.

    • Photo: Georgiana Ifrim

      Georgiana Ifrim answered on 9 Nov 2021:

      I like to keep on learning and my job allows me to do this. I learn either by reading, problem solving, and especially by working in teams, with other researchers. I like the variety of activities, it never gets boring, and I like the flexibility in my schedule and the fact that I can manage my workload and my working hours.

    • Photo: Anita Pax

      Anita Pax answered on 9 Nov 2021:

      Being able to explore why something happens and working out the answer to a question that hasn’t been answered before.

    • Photo: Pawel Rulikowski

      Pawel Rulikowski answered on 9 Nov 2021:

      Talking to like-minded people (it does not always mean people who agree with you all the time) about new ideas. At Bell Labs I enjoyed the history of the place (check me profile description for more info). I was lucky to work a bit with a public and talk to non-professional audiences about my experiences as a scientist. I also love independence of thought that is still cherished in scientific communities.

    • Photo: Ohood Alharbi

      Ohood Alharbi answered on 10 Nov 2021:

      Favourite part of my job is the ability to keep learning, exchange ideas with other researchers, and knowledge transfers (working in science application)

    • Photo: Cyrille Thinnes

      Cyrille Thinnes answered on 11 Nov 2021:

      Hi Jean, my favourite part is meeting and working with talented people from all over the world, to solve challenges that could otherwise not be solved by one person alone!

    • Photo: Justine Mathoux

      Justine Mathoux answered on 12 Nov 2021:

      My Favoutite part is that every day is different. I can work on my laptop all day, spent all day in the lab, can do both. There is a lot of events during which you can present your work, see the work of other scientists and discuss with them. That allows you to find new idea. These events may take place in another country and it is always nice to visit a new city in parallel of your work.