• Question: What’s your hobbies

    Asked by Bronwyn on 7 Dec 2021.
    • Photo: Maria Giovanna Caruso

      Maria Giovanna Caruso answered on 11 Nov 2021:

      I love listening to music and sometimes I like doing it while working (for example, music can totallly change my mood when spending 4 to 5 hours working with the microscope).

      Moreover, I like swimming and doing long walks, especially in the nature because I find it very relaxing.

      Then, I like spending time with my friends, going for dinners or organizing trips… but who doesn’t?

    • Photo: Ohood Alharbi

      Ohood Alharbi answered on 11 Nov 2021:

      Dance, sing, and go in adventure with people who are close to me.

    • Photo: Reabetswe Zwane

      Reabetswe Zwane answered on 11 Nov 2021:

      I love writing and fashion!

    • Photo: Justine Mathoux

      Justine Mathoux answered on 11 Nov 2021:

      I like cooking, baking and reading but when I have time and when the weather is ok, I really like hiking.

    • Photo: Cyrille Thinnes

      Cyrille Thinnes answered on 11 Nov 2021:

      Hi Bronwyn, I love cooking, hillwalking, hiking, and martial arts!

    • Photo: Ciara Feely

      Ciara Feely answered on 17 Nov 2021:

      Theatre, poetry, going to the gym, walking my dog, hikes, food festivals, podcasts